welcome to the perpetual emotion machine

A fine art multiplayer collectors game designed by I MUST BE DEAD

The objective of the game is to acquire and collect items of various attributes of power, and to add to the overall total and value of the UNITY POOL. The higher the value of the UNITY POOL, the more Power all players have.

The Unity Pool is composed out of items created by The Converter (I Must Be Dead)

The Converter performs a ritual twice a year to add or destroy from the Unity Pool

One Ritual is held on playa! The other is held here in the Real world!

For every 100 downloaded photos the unity pool will lose a point!

total download - 1,430

minus 14 unity

the CONVERTER uses 3 power cores representing direct connection to the physical realm, with their energy the convertor infuses new items and weapons to enter the UNITY POOL.

Current Unity Pool: TOTAL - 81

50 Unity

24 Strength

4 Devotion

0 Clarity

Weapons List

smile mother fucker - (100 unity)


Anti-Coma = (50) unity

Memory = (24) Strength (2) devotion

C&T = (2) devotion

RADAR - (3) - 2 clarity

If you collect enough items I Must Be Dead will forge a weapon of great power for you using your items.