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The I Must Be Dead Letters

Every month I send out a special pen pal letter to my patrons on, these letters are full of my personal journals, weird stories, and new photos that I have taken. I started this project because these days all we receive in the the mail are bills and advertisements that get thrown away immediately, also on social media we are desensitized to almost every form of art, and the only thing we are required to do most times is hit the like button. With my letter system not only are you receiving hard copies of my best work, that you can collage on your walls or give to friends, but your mailbox is also getting a breath of fresh air, and now you have something to look forward to when the mailman comes rolling around! These letters are as intimate as I can make them, and every month I experiment with my writing and other art forms, hopefully to make you feel like something in this world makes sense. I decided to do this project because in life we need to respect the importance of tangible art, instead of losing ourselves to temporary news feeds! If you are yearning for a connection to something real, something solid, something fun and exciting, I hope you consider joining my pen pal system, as you will receive just that every month right to your front door.


Below are FREE pdf downloads of all the past letters that I have done, If you are not sure about what you are getting into, or are not interested in the physical letters, or giving me money, then NO WORRIES, here they are for free. These will be uploaded 1 month after the actual letters go out, and I assure you these pdf's although fun, do not represent the full magic of getting one in person! If you like them, please consider joining or sharing this page with a friend! Thanks everyone, the more support this pen pal system gets, the crazier the letters will become! I assure you!

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Letter 19 Download - Coming Soon! Physical Letters Sent out!