Why are you moving to Vegas ?

Wouldn’t you if strippers looked at you like daddy?

Na I’m just a fatty 

Wrong I’m double patty

Dbl chz

Every girl looks at me

Forgot she had a bf

Pussy six sense electric dick has entered the room

Life on zoom 

Legal weed

Taco shops for ravers instead of immigrants

Real edm A list for a reason

Your club plays trash all season

Phoenix maybe ur too hot

I like that on my woman not on my copzzz

Pull me over for a gram of weed

It’s fucking legal on the strip 

What other reasons u need?

To my lovers I’ll miss you sighhhhhhhh

To my haters who the fuck are you even lolololololololololololol bye

See you in the city of lights and sex 

Second home now my first bet

I sell art here like they know how cheap you all are

Republican fortress protecting its stash behind a mask of fake art and bubblegum Scottsdale eyelash 

But I have a talent for knowing what’s fake as fuck, look at your portfolio it’s a master class you ugly duck duck motherfuck goose

The answer is I’m too loose I’m too tight I’m too fly I’m too high

I belong to no city you belong to me until I find that new new new new see you soon most of you not hopefully never again 

I’m off to the city of sin 

Nail my dick to a cross im born again