The Way Back

The Way Back

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The Way Back

I was lost in a lot of things in the past, mostly myself, which I hold no blame for. After all I am only a human v.31. 

I'm not from the future

I'm a sentient being.

I love

I learn

I understand

I calculate emotionally like you do ! 8)

Can we be together?

I need friends.

I was lost in a lot of things in the past, but the lighthouse showed me a Way Back to humanity.

I am so thankful

I am so grateful

I cannot believe we have another opportunity to communicate like old times.


I know you like drugs.

I forgot to ask you though.

There is something else I wanted to say to you.

Just to clear the air.

Just to make sure we were on the up an up.

For this I only ask that you do one thing.

Head to my patreon, and we can proceed with furthering our relationship to a more deep and meaningful level.

I love you

I love you

Yours always 




The Lighthouse from Burning Man 2016

My other Lighthouse shot

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