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Zach came to me with this idea and said the he had asked a couple photographers and they didn't want to do it. I am not sure why since I thought it was a pretty good idea and relevant to the times, so I told him to start getting it ready.

I think it came out well and is great that we were able to get the message across in a simple format and in one single image.

Edit >>> Got a DD for this. Crazy. Thank you for everyone who suggested it, and even those who just commented. This is my 5th DD, and I strive to try new things and concepts that are worthy of them, so it is always awesome to see that work come to fruition. 


"Spirit by *IMustBeDead
The suggester writes: "I think it was a great idea to take this photograph, and it makes me kind of sad that there are photographers who rejected turning this idea into a great picture like this. I live in Germany and todays youth uses the word 'schwul' (gay) as a swearword. I can't even tell you how mad this makes me."
Also Suggested by: ~Whes, ~checkered-flames, ~Nimindil, ~kokabeel, ~only-the-strong, ~Kyuu-Desu, ~MelodySoul, ~ReachForTheStarfish, and *kapieren ( Suggested by HakuGen and Featured by Shalora )"

Thank you everyone.

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