Self Portrait 2015 into 2016

Self Portrait 2015 into 2016

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STARxFOUR(*x4) is a singularity from the future A singularity is a being who has transcended human intelligence, and is considered a god. He bleeds color instead of blood in the form of pigmented oils that sustain his Synthetic computer system that has replaced his natural body. He committed suicide in 2057 erasing his total mind and hardware. The act was seen as a major mile stone in creating the ART field "The Suicide Movement" where one ought to create beauty in their own death. It struck controversy in its growth, and also in it's mythos that OMNI his girlfriend had murdered him instead, and forged a scene to cover it in complete. This only added to it's underground consideration as *x4's death being the greatest ART piece of all time.


Original 13 x 19

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