Rare Lewt

Rare Lewt

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Rare Lewt - 2018 - Model Nixie

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Written for this piece.

The Soul
By: AriusAneid

She couldn’t believe she’d finally found it,
She couldn’t believe her life was complete,
Here it was, solid in hand,
Spreading tingling joy through her entire body,
This was it,
This was what haunted her dreams.
And now she was done.

The crystal she held,
So perfect, so pure,
She finally had it,
The one thing missing in her life,
The reason she never had a home,
The reason she was called “freak.”
Why she never felt whole.

It was her life,
Something she never could stand,
Something she had come to see,
Would mean nothing but pain and loneliness,
But this was the change
That would make it all better.
This was her soul.

Her purpose in life now took hold,
She could smile it and cherish it,
Hold the wanting that was her all,
Hold the happiness that had long evaded,
Like a gem from the ground
It was hers.
Her search was finally over.

But what she couldn’t have known,
As she couldn’t stop smiling,
Was that a soul isn’t for a human’s hand,
It’s a belief
It’s a reason,
And finally her face took on a horror.
Her out stretched hand was showing all.

Her soul was quickly fleeing,
What she so long searched for,
Melting in her hand,
Melting like glass,
Getting smaller and smaller
The tighter she held.
Unable to stop its progress.

So here she lies,
Crumpled in a ball on the ground,
Her soul but a crystalline fragment,
Her soul pooled in hand,
The final slivers of hope out of reach,
As she mourned her only goal.
Even now, unable to understand.


Daily Deviation Winner.

Rare Lewt by *IMustBeDead is a surreal photograph par excellance. It tells a story and creates a fantasy/alternate reality for the viewer to explore through the subject and her demeanor. The suggester said, "A wonderful looking photograph with an alomost painterly style!" ( Suggested by CaptainBoneDaddy and Featured by opioid 

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