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What is the price of perfection?

I got caught even though I got what I want, isn't that the saddest

yet I'm feeling fine, I'm feeling fine, looking all around me into blackness, the color that I want to see, the only friend I feel comfortable covered in, hugging me loosely without the fear of getting out, I crave the helplessness, and I will be hungry until I'm all alone with no one left to eat.

I pick my teeth with your emotions, like little pieces of wood I snap for fun, the whole box making me care little for any certain one, a throw away, afterthought, garbage, weak, cheap, thin enough to weigh nothing on my mind.  It's doesn't feel as bad as you think, what a waste of energy, to cry about the time.  It always ends in blackness,  and so I hope you'll be as docile, as I have been in mine



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