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Give me some blood baby

Because I'm dying, and dying fast

Take my hand and whisper in my ear

Because Nothing makes me smile more

And that is all I need to be doing right now.

"The Only Medicine I Ever Needed Was You"


-The last line is the reason for the photo, It comes from an old Glasseater song that I love. I dropped this line in the addict photo, but thought it needed it's own unique photo. 

I have taken the liberty of linking you to their Purevolume profile to listen to the song. Remember to click on the song MEDICINE.

Click here to listen

Anyways...usually every conceptual photo I do, I run into some sort of problem, because I have to find props and what not. I spent about three hours getting the right stuff for this one and finished it finally at about 1am haha. The things I do sometimes you would laugh your ass off.

This is one of my favorites that I have done so far, I hope you all enjoy it, like the meaning of it all, and have a good day.

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