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I came up with this idea while I was in the good ole bathtub writing Mrs. Hopeful chapter 8. I was thinking of the sound of butterflies and whether to compare something to the actual sound of butterflies, or the sound of the feelings in your life when butterflies are in your stomach because your in love...... if that makes any sense.

So I guess this image came into my head of a girl who is so desperate to feel love that she actually starts eating butterflies in hopes of figuring out just what it may be like. Except wanting it, and looking for it, and convincing yourself that you have it is a critical mistake most humans make throughout their whole lives.

It's important that you are happy with your self and what you are accomplishing in your own individual life, and if you do that, then it will most likely find you, and it will most likely be a more genuine type of love rather then the bullshit that most of our population is involved in.

Like relying on another person to make you happy, or letting someone else rely on you to make them happy. 

Times change and minds rearrange....(Mest)

It's ok to love someone for years and then stop.

It's ok to not want to love anybody for periods of time.

It's ok to love more then one person.

It's ok because it's life.

Just make sure you love what your doing with yourself, and you'll be dandy.

And if you don't, then I suggest you remedy that today, not tomorrow.

Or you'll start eating butterflies and bleeding from the mouth like me

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