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I usually try not to cross this little boundary which we refer to as cliche a lot. This photo was one of them that I assumed would be labeled as so. I did it for a reason though.

I learned awhile ago from an old friend, that if you put a period at the end I love you, it turns it into a statement, and becomes more powerful. I enjoy that kind of sentiment, and so I wanted to portray that in a photo somehow.

I'm also against shoving meanings down peoples throats, but my new lovely model Michelle reminded me that the attention span of your average Deviant is like .048756 seconds. So I'm just going to lay out what is going on.

She wakes up first, decides it would be humorous to write I love you on him. When he wakes up, rather then just laughing at it, or not caring much, he takes her hand and helps her put a period. The rest you figure out on your own 8).

Alright guys. Hope you like it. It means a lot to me.

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