Pussy tight not like her story

Seems a little whorey 

Seems a little loose

Not like cool like too much juice

Fill a gossip column for a couple of issues

Tear the pages cuz I need some tissues

Too bad she looked up to her sister

Looking like no one will miss her 

Maybe me to sometimes to mend

Fading fast when I see the end

Treated me like I was nothing 

Hurt so bad I wasn’t bluffing

Cope by puffing and a rip

Think about our life and sip

At least we fucked like rabbits right

Jumped up on my dick all night 

Said my name to make me cum 

I guess your words were fake now huh 

Didn’t matter dick rock hard

Your tits and ass got me real far 

Personality just as hot

 But I guess the jizzy rots 

Heart and soul and mind all black

Now we more in common then way back

What's it matter she gone to the wind

And I’m off to collect more sins

I’m wishing you the best

Hope you get all the cock and money that you need 

Sorry you couldn’t get it all from me

You know I’m just a different breed

Working hard stressing heart

Everything I make is art

Even fucking you in bed and spirit 

So when you touch yourself while thinking of me 

don’t like your boyfriend hear it

Then he’ll know what I know 

That you just a fake ass ***