Deletion is inevitable.

My soul wants to delete all the social media accounts I despise. Why am I sharing on the places that I ridicule in my mind. Why post my work in communities I look down on. Maybe because I'm not popular on them, shunning that which is not mine to protect the idea that I'm special.

What I do isn't special, the masses agree, I should finger paint or become a meme. Fuck if I know the answer, but posting on facebook and instagram feels as empty as my bank account, and I look down on myself for continuing to degrade my photos by putting them on these feeds.

I told myself not to delete them, to calm down and let it slide, that they can be good for the people who follow your work in these places, that deletion would be abandoning the fans who only get to see your work through these sources.

But fuck that, I want to build a home of my own, and if you don't want to come here, or are too lazy to follow artist outside of the garbage that has become some of these social media sites, then oh well, it's your life, it's your education, it's your mind, fill it with nonsense. 

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