Burning Man 2016 photos

16,000 unedited photos

This link has every single photo I took at burning man 2016.  They are unedited and web size. They are available for download for use at your discretion. If you want photos of you taken down I will do it for you immediately(maybe). If you use these commercially WE WILL FIND YOU AND TAKE YOU DOWN.

Photography has in my opinion become a very filtered format, in the era of photoshop and digital memory, we can easily shoot an entire event, and carefully select which parts we think are worth viewing. With this gallery my filter is gone, and the only filter is you.

They are available for order in postcards and small print that is handled by a professional print company and is out of my hands, best for everyone! If you want a custom ordered print, that is available also, all custom order prints are edited by me personally with your input on final look. The price list for large format print is below.

Custom Print Price List

32 x 48 Brushed Metal - $650 + Shipping

24 x 36 Brushed Metal - $400 + Shipping

If you have any questions or want photos censored please use the contact link below.



If you like Burning Man and Snark (Sarcasm) I am releasing a Magazine in December full of stories, journals, photography, and drawings from multiple different artist out of this years burn. It will be designed to open and blow your mind, as well as make you giggle inside and out. PRE-ORDER is available for signed limited edition at the link below


If you are feeling generous and want to donate a small amount to the I Must Be Dead cause, you can donate/paypal me all your money at the link below


Lastly if you have heard of my letter system chances are you are intrigued and want in. I don't blame you, it's pretty fucking awesome and you are missing out. Every month I send out a physical letter full of weird writings and cool postcards, and it goes a long way towards supporting my work, so please consider jumping on it. 


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