When I first fell in love with EDM, Crizzly was a huge part of my playlist. To me he was the dankest, and used pizza like Thor wields Mjolnir . Five years ago I drove up to Vegas from Phoenix with two friends to go to a Crizzly show at HARD ROCK LIVE, and we did lots of things that start with D, mainly dancing but mostly drugs. All three of us left wet like soaking swimmer virgin pussy. So it was my honor really, to show back up to the same venue, and take photos of one of my OG favorite crunkstep idols. It's always interesting to be shooting a show of people I consider high status, while at the same time them not knowing who the fuck I am at all, and really it makes no difference, the only thing that matters is producing GREAT art for artist I respect, and although they may never see any of these, I consider it a job well done if I can satisfy my own hunger for HIGH RES MEMORIES.