Interested in Buying Art?

I've been selling Art for over a decade now, and the only thing I can really say that is true about it all, is that if it doesn't feel personal, to both you and I, then it doesn't feel right. So I take it upon myself to communicate with every client about their personal beliefs in what makes good art, and how I can help them make their walls scream with power. If you are not sure about what you want or what I can offer you, than I'm more than happy to show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes.



From $5 to $5,000 - Something for everyone!

I'm really fucking tired of trying to guess how much people want to spend, because I'm not a good business man.

My pricing fluctuates on a lot of factors! How I'm feeling, what our relationship is, how much money I think you make, or even how empty my bank account is!

Get the point? I'm not a great salesman. If you have a budget in mind...fantastic! I'll take it all. If you want to haggle a! I can sell you something at cost if you are nice enough, or something one of a kind for thousands of bux, I just love to get art in peoples hands regardless of their wealth, but I would appreciate if you could let me know how much you are trying to blow on art, and I'll do my best to deliver the highest grade shit possible.

A breath of fresh air

As unorthodox as my words and method may be, I hope you understand that it's what works for me, and in turn I believe it will work great for you. these days we live in such a hyper consumer driven world, that I personally feel sick when trying to advertise or make sales, so my solution is to say FUCK ALL THAT SHIT. I really don't know if this will breed success in my life, but the stress free environment in my mind is worth it. I know the people who need and want my work will find me, and I know that when they do, that they will understand that THIS IS THE WAY, and that all other art is BULLSHIT!


I've done so many photographs at this point in my life, that's it's hard to organize them into one cohesive story, I've struggled with this goal for a long time, but I work on improving this site on a weekly basis. This place is designed for you to explore and find treasures, HD memories I've recorded throughout the years. I hope you take the time to get lost, explore, and find yourself, like I've been doing my entire art career. Every piece is available for print, from size 8x10 for your desk, to EIGHT foot one of a kind life changers, just let me know what you like and how BIG you want to go!